Ready for a 227% Increase in Your Car Insurance?


January 22nd, 2010

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Even I can’t believe this!

Mercury Insurance Company has been telling everyone that their June ballot initiative will not raise people’s auto insurance premiums. But the company’s own website proves Mercury is lying.

Watch the video I made when I went on Mercury’s web site.

I plugged in a zip code for Nevada, where state law allows insurance companies to penalize motorists in ways California doesn’t, and lo and behold! In Nevada, consumers who Mercury doesn’t want to insure get smashed with a 73% increase in their insurance rates under the provision the company wants to legalize in California.

In Florida, it’s 227%!

Mercury’s ballot initiative will legalize these kinds of surcharges in California – surcharges that we outlawed with Proposition 103 in 1988.

Mercury also lied about its initiative to Attorney General Jerry Brown – who is required by law to publish an independent and objective summary of the Mercury Initiative that will appear on the ballot – and he believed them!

Attorney General Jerry Brown must give voters the full story about the Mercury Initiative. Take a moment to call (916-324-5437) or write Brown and let him know you are depending on him to tell voters that premium increases are coming if Mercury’s initiative passes.

You could be hit with surcharges if you ever missed a payment. You’ll pay more if you or a member of your family, at any time during the last five years, dropped coverage while away at school, hospitalized or because you sold your car or didn’t need insurance for any reason. Or if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of Californians who are forced to stop driving because the economy is so bad. Mercury even wants to surcharge people who didn’t have car insurance while serving in the military in the United States.

You can learn more about Mercury’s deceptive ballot measure at

You shouldn’t be penalized if you’ve done nothing wrong. For twenty-two years, Proposition 103 has protected you against swindles like this. Now Mercury wants a get-out-of-jail-free card. Please help me stop them. Sign up to become part of our campaign and send us a donation at

Many thanks,

Harvey Rosenfield

Author of Prop 103

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